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Catering For Your Event

Outdoor eating on Magic Hill Retreat Center's terrasse
Indoor eating at Magic Hill Retreat center

Spring/Summer set up

Autumn/Winter set up

Welcome to our Kitchen


Hire one of our chefs, each carefully selected for their passion, care and ability to include your specific needs.


You can also enjoy the use of the kitchen to provide your own food for your event.


Our chefs can provide three meals per day or two meals per day (brunch & diner). There is usually also a snacks in the afternoon.

Hiring our Chefs


Our cooks are chosen for their flexibility and sensitivity to the unique needs of each retreat. They all use seasonal and regional ingredients.


We provide tea, coffee and fruit in the early morning and between meals. 

Contact us and we will put you directly in touch with your cook in order to tailor the menu to your specific needs and requirements.

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